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May 30

Ossoff is Currently in the Lead!

Some good news for Atlanta locals. Jon Ossoff (D), running for congress from Georgia’s 6th district is all set for a run off election against Karen Handel (R) on June 20th. According to the AJC he currently has a slight lead in the polls. Get out there and canvass for him! make phone calls! help […]

May 22

Time to flip the house!

“Democrats hold a 16-point lead over Republicans in a generic House ballot, according to a poll released on Wednesday. The Quinnipiac University Poll found that 54 percent of respondents said they would like to see the Democrats control the House of Representatives, while 38 percent said the Republicans. Eight percent said they did not know or had no answer”. […]

May 07

Flip the 6th! Jon Ossoff for Congress

Vote your Ossoff! on June 20th, 2017. Tom Price vacated his congressional seat in the 6th district of Georgia, once he was appointed secretary for Health and Human Services for the U.S. The special election for the seat was on April 18th and Jon Ossoff won 48.1% of the vote but he needed over 50% […]

May 07

Let’s flip congress in 2018! “Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a small number of Swing Districts, places where the last election was decided by a thin margin. Find your closest Swing District and join its team to learn about actionable opportunities to support progressives—and defeat Republicans—in that district, no matter where you live. “

Who belongs in the house in 2018?

This is the final vote count of all those who voted “yes” for AHCA. They’re all up for re-election in 2018. You know what to do!

May 04

Let’s try to save Healthcare!!

Alright folks, it’s time to get cracking!! The house has passed the bill but several senators are already saying they don’t like the house bill. We all need to call/tweet/facebook post our senators NOW. We need to tell them that the AHCA is an abomination. They cannot pass this bill. They need to work on […]