My hope is that this site will be one which folks can use as a resource for insight, learning and action. This is a reflection of what I read and find useful. I recognize that it may not concur with everyone’s preferred sources, but it will hopefully be useful to some readers. I will attempt to scour through the deluge of information and share a curated selection. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the news and information one can find on the internet, but given that I spend a considerable amount of time drowning in news, I thought it a worthwhile¬†endeavor to filter out interesting and useful information.

I am an immigrant, a feminist, and a politics, policy and science junkie. I dislike¬†labels but I think most people would categorize me as a liberal/progressive. I try my level best to be curious, open, aware, educated, equitable and balanced. There are some non negotiables for me but in a lot of cases, I am willing to examine opposing arguments and to try and find merit or learn something new. There are too many false binaries in todays world and the middle ground is disappearing. We need to get better at co-existing and increasing knowledge is a sure fire way of broadening one’s horizons!