May 30

Post Election Insights – Hillary, Democrats, Media, Sexism, Power and more!

Anyone who knows me, knows of my admiration and love for Clinton. Her speech at Wellesley was fantastic. If you haven’t heard it by now, you should! I’ll share the link via a separate post. This article was a very interesting read. I wasn’t ready for serious retrospection, immediately after the election. The specter of a Trump presidency was too daunting and depressing to make room for reading in-depth analysis. But Hillary is healing and so am I. It’s comforting to see her engaging and speaking in a public forums again. Rebecca Traister has done a great job of capturing snippets of Clinton, the woman, the leader, the politician and the Wellesley rebel.

Rebecca Traister, NYMag – “The unusually prolonged pummeling is partly because Clinton’s Election Day loss was not just hers but the nation’s; her defeat this time left us not with an Obama presidency but with an out-of-control administration led by a man so inept — and so reviled — that even (some) Republicans are voicing concerns. The nation is grasping for a way to understand how we got here, and blaming Clinton wholly and neatly takes the heat off everyone else who contributed: from the critics who derided her supporters as empty-headed shills to those supporters who were cowed into secret Facebook groups; from the journalists who treated Trump as a ratings-pumping sideshow and Clinton as the suspiciously presumptive president to all of us who permitted cheerful stories about America’s progress on gender and race to blot out the real and lingering inequities in this country.” Continue Reading