May 04

Trumpcare, V 2.0

“These are all the people the Republican health care bill will hurt” 

  • “The biggest winners are households making $250,000 a year or more, who would see two different taxes targeting them repealed; households with millions in investment income would come out particularly far ahead.
  • Of the 24 million people the CBO projected would lose coverage, 14 million are currently covered by Medicaid, which the AHCA would slash by about $880 billion over 10 years
  • “People with disabilities who rely on home- and community-based services through Medicaid — such as personal-attendant care, skilled nursing, and specialized therapies—could lose access to the services they need in order to live independently and remain in their homes,” the Center for American Progress’s Rebecca Vallas, Katherine Gallagher Robbins, and Jackie Odum note.
  • People in states that take a Medicaid “block grant,” who could see dramatic cuts in coverage

  • Pregnant Women and New Mothers
  • People with pre existing conditions”