Monthly Archives: May 2017

May 30

Travel Alert – Keep an eye on the laptop policy!

By David Shepardson, Reuters “U.S. says expanding laptop ban ‘still on the table’ “Kelly told “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend that he “might” ban laptops from airplane cabins on all international flights both into and out of the United States. A European Union official said the call was “good.” The official, who spoke on condition of […]

Trouble in Trumpian Paradise?

By Jennifer Rubin, WAPO, “It’s the Trump presidency, not its communications staff, that’s failing” – “It hardly matters whether Dubke stays or goes, whether Spicer (as has been reported) takes a less public role, whether the hapless chief of staff Reince Priebus gets replaced or whether thuggish campaign cronies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie head […]

May 30

Europe’s growing problems with the current U.S. administration

By Samuel Osborne, The Independent, “Ms Merkel said that as the traditional western alliance is threatened by the new US presidency and Brexit, “the times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over, as I have experienced in the past few days.” “Her comments came after Mr Trump said he needed more […]

May 30

UK Polls, getting more interesting by the day!

By Michael Savage, The Guardian “Labour’s surge to 38% in the poll, its best performance under Corbyn’s leadership, came after weeks of electioneering that had seen the party’s share of the vote slowly grow. It coincided with an astonishing narrowing in the respective approval ratings of Corbyn and Theresa May. There was a 52-point gap […]

May 30

Tsk Tsk, Ryan’s not even respected by 8th Graders!

By Daniel Politi, Slate “Students who explained their decision to sit out the picture said they didn’t want to be associated with any of Ryan’s policies. “I think that taking the picture represents that you agree with the same political views and I don’t agree with his political views so I chose not to be […]

May 30

Ossoff is Currently in the Lead!

Some good news for Atlanta locals. Jon Ossoff (D), running for congress from Georgia’s 6th district is all set for a run off election against Karen Handel (R) on June 20th. According to the AJC he currently has a slight lead in the polls. Get out there and canvass for him! make phone calls! help […]

May 30

Merkel, the Master Strategist

By Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy, ” Fetscher claims that Merkel has employed this reserve to her advantage again and again. “Merkel is so not an alpha that she’s constantly underestimated,” Fetscher said. “But she’s thinking, observing. She often appears vague, but she has a taste for power. This helps with big-headed people because she isn’t intimidated […]