June 05

We’ve got a dynamic, African American woman in the GA gubernatorial race!

By Vanessa Williams, WAPO – “Georgia Democrat aims to be nation’s first female African American governor”  The 43-year-old Democratic leader of the Georgia State House, who enters as the front-runner for her party’s nomination, is aiming to become the first African American woman to be elected governor in U.S. history. Abrams is widely considered to […]

June 05

Power Shakeup in the Middle East!

BBC – “Qatar row: Saudi and Egypt among countries to cut Doha links” – “The diplomatic withdrawal was first put into motion by Bahrain, then Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Yemen, Libya’s eastern-based government and the Maldives all followed suit. SPA cited officials as saying the decision was taken to “protect its national security […]

June 05

How could I not post about the fantastic success that is ‘Wonder Woman’!! (No spoilers in this article)

I watched it and loved it.It’s probably my favorite superhero movie and I’ve seen them all, even the bad ones! The sheer awesomeness of this powerful female character, driven by justice and love, was overwhelming! Patty Jenkins did an incredible job directing the movie! I’m not going to get into the controversy around Gal Gadot’s political […]

June 05

538 – What lies ahead for 2018?

FiveThirtyEight, Nathaniel Rakich –“Democrats Are Overperforming In Special Elections Almost Everywhere” “Since Jan. 20, Democrats have won 12 special legislative elections, and Republicans have won 11.3 But because so many special elections take place in safe districts, win-loss records can only tell you so much. Instead, you’re better off comparing their final results to the […]

June 05

Vaccines continue to be a boon to public health!

BBC – “A decade on, vaccine has halved cervical cancer rate”. “Since then, the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine has been rolled out across 130 countries and halved the number of new cervical cancers.” Continue Reading

May 30

Travel Alert – Keep an eye on the laptop policy!

By David Shepardson, Reuters “U.S. says expanding laptop ban ‘still on the table’ “Kelly told “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend that he “might” ban laptops from airplane cabins on all international flights both into and out of the United States. A European Union official said the call was “good.” The official, who spoke on condition of […]

Trouble in Trumpian Paradise?

By Jennifer Rubin, WAPO, “It’s the Trump presidency, not its communications staff, that’s failing” – “It hardly matters whether Dubke stays or goes, whether Spicer (as has been reported) takes a less public role, whether the hapless chief of staff Reince Priebus gets replaced or whether thuggish campaign cronies Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie head […]